Taking the Stress Out of Selling.

Making sound financial decisions for the future.


Meet for a Personalized Home Assessment

Troy prides himself on timely communication with clients. We tailor the communication style to you and your family: do you want to be alerted to everything or only important issues? Do you prefer e-mails, phone calls, or texts? He provides a regular, detailed seller’s report to help you process the information generated through this process. This report does not take the place of our personal contact but is a disciplined communication on a regular basis.

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Review market data and conditions

Troy knows that maximizing your investment is crucial to a successful outcome. He will research and provide all the data to ensure we are selling for the best price based on your home’s condition and the local market conditions.

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Home Staging & Preparation

In addition to market research and overall consultation, Troy can assist in the staging process to prep for a professional photographer. Should you request a professional stager with furniture, he has you covered there too!


Let's advertise your home

The is how Troy tells the story of the opportunity that your property offers, not just the house or the view, but the craftsmanship, architect pedigree, smart design and construction details, and the living experience that all these features combine to provide.

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Host an open house

With every Open House (either virtual or in-person) Troy aims to create a buzz and energy that will generate a sense of urgency and potential fear of loss if Buyers don't act on their interest in your home.


Close & Celebrate

Troy will support you through the accepted offer process and will do everything we can to ensure that your closing goes as smoothly as possible.